J shaped pregnancy massage pillow maternity

Congenial cease Pillow:
Congruous J shape, sprawl beside your body, permit entire keep up to your neck, back, belly, hips and legs, pregnancy pillows are perpetually snooze consort for brim sleeping, the endorse sleeping posture for pregnant women. Situate the pillow between legs as knee pillow for snooze can help assuage back pain.
Corroborate prolonged attribute sleep.

Advanced 3D swampy confronts:
Present knobbed make up design, pregnancy pillow succor calm you down and the tranquillize touch helps appease sciatica pain, get restful sleep. With the other smooth cotton side, to coincide your empathetic voluntary handle in different trimesters, acceptable for delicate skin and soothe your senses for a sound and tight sleep throughout the night.

Suspire well padded:
The micro fiber dot pregnant body pillow sheathing is unprejudiced the weight to stay suspire that you won’t get hot or sweat like with fuzzy in summer, also silky smooth to touch, warm adequate for air-conditioned room. Strained soft and comfortable cloud-like clement touch and subsidize while catnap, like a cozy hug during the peaceful sleeping night.

Best gift for moms to be:
Consummate gift at Mother’s Day or special day for expecting moms. Nix makes it more gratifying than existence subsidize when pregnancy response occur. Maternity pillow offers prop up for reading, watching TV and breast feeding for expectant mom, is one of the pregnancy essentials for them. Chiropractor also proposes this for extra support after injury or surgery.

Lovely pillow:
We’re so self- assertive you’ll love this pillow. If not, tell us why and we will make it right. Feel free to reach out to us if any concerns or questions you have. Better allow 72hrs for the pillow fluff up before first use due to vacuum transport.

Better sleep with pregnancy pillows:
Reversible Classic polyester fabric, Enjoy the new softness. It is a super soft fabric produced from microfiber; it's usually used for baby products for its soft feeling which is also lightweight. Want to know why little ones just love to touch and snuggle up in it? Have a try on this new body pillow.

Goofy design:
Goofy Design has a nice sense of touching and is emotionally soothing. The premium fabric we selected is comfortable and breathable.

Easy to wash and easy to dry:
The pregnancy pillow cover is removable and machine washable, NO shrink, and can be placed in the dryer on low heat. Visit J shaped Pregnancy Pillow.